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October 13th, 2002
Clairemont Bobby Sox is out
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch is in

The following is a letter announcing the transition of Clairemont Girls Fastpitch from Bobby Sox affiliation to the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). This letter was mailed to the homes of all 2002 season league members in mid-October 2002.

To the Clairemont Softball family,

Following in the footsteps of the vast majority of current and former San Diego County Bobby Sox leagues, the Board has approved the switch of our parent organization from Bobby Sox to ASA (Amateur Softball Association). ASA is a truly national organization (Bobby Sox is only in a few western states) administering millions of adult and youth softball players.

Why the change to ASA?

  • Much greater authority is granted the individual league's Board of Directors to set up and manage their affairs tailored to their individual needs.
  • Approximately a 50% savings in team registration and insurance fees with better coverage. That will be about a $3,000 yearly savings
  • A one-time $25 league registration fee vs. $350 annually with Bobby Sox.
    In other words, more of our money stays here to benefit the league!
  • All-Star tournaments are larger and much better organized.
  • Most of the remaining San Diego County Bobby Sox teams are also switching to ASA for the Spring 2003 season - there will only be 2-3 local Bobby Sox leagues left.

The differences will be minor and nearly invisible to you.

  • The same Board members you elected will be in place.
  • We'll continue to have a woman manager and chaperone in the dugout in addition to the team's coaches.
  • Game rules will be virtually the same.
  • Divisions will be 18 & Under (if enough interest), 16&U, 14&U, 12&U, 10&U, 8&U and Mini/T-ball, based on player's age as of 12/31/02.
  • Some division's pitching distances may change.
  • While the team formation process has not been finalized, the aim will continue to be having the teams as evenly balanced as possible.



The primary disadvantage to this move is the short-term possibility of the National Bobby Sox organization seizing some of our assets. Some leagues have lost nothing, some have lost bank accounts and/or equipment. Navajo, who lost both equipment and their bank account last season, have more than recouped those losses in just their first year with ASA, and are very happy with their decision to switch to ASA. We are confident any of these impacts will be minimal and quickly overcome.

Rest assured, the aim of the league is still to provide a positive environment for ALL of our daughters, regardless of talent level or experience, to learn and enjoy playing softball. We're not trying to become a high pressure, "super league". This change is to make league administration easier, while keeping more of our funds in the league to benefit our girls, not the parent organization.

There will be some differences in the All-Star season, but that will be covered a little later in the year. Some changes, including what All-Star level our teams will play in (B or C) will be determined towards the latter part of the season by ASA officials.

More information on ASA in general can be found on their web site at, or for details on the local Southern California portion of ASA, go to For the latest league news, go to our new web site at

To help the league's financial position, and to save yourself some $$, you can register your daughter(s) on the league's new web site starting November 3rd. Walk-up registrations are planned for Jan. 11, 12 & 18. Check the web site later in the fall for times and date confirmation.

See you soon,
The Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Board of Directors
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch SoftballClairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball