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Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball

Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball

2020 Clairemont Surf (Select)


Clairemont Surf is an opportunity for dedicated players to gain additional competitive softball experience outside of the All Star season for divisions 10u, 12u, and 14u. This is not a replacement for Spring/Rec Season participation, but in addition to the Spring/Rec Season, and all players interested/invited to participate on a Clairemont Surf team must be registered for the 2020 CGFP Spring/Rec Season by 01/01/2020. All Clairemont Surf teams must be disbanded by March 31st. No Clairemont Surf team may be re-formed after this date without CGFP Board approval. 

How to form a Clairemont Surf Team?

Members must be able to show they have a high level of softball knowledge, coaching experience, player respect and composed demeanor in a competitive atmosphere. They must be able to commit to the additional requirements and time needed to field a Clairemont Surf team. Selection of a Clairemont Surf manager is at the sole discretion of the CGFP Board and if chosen, should not interfere with their responsibilities as a Spring/Rec Manager, if they hold both positions. We are no longer accepting manager interest for the 2020 Select Season.

Players on Clairemont Surf Teams

All players on Clairemont Surf teams MUST be registered for the current or upcoming Spring/Rec season at CGFP by 01/01/2020.  All Clairemont Surf team players are required to attend Spring/Rec practices and games. In the event that a Clairemont Surf player is reported to be not attending Spring/Rec season practices and games, the CGFP Board may assert that the player no longer be allowed to participate on the Clairemont Surf team. Select players must attend 75% of their Spring/Rec team practices and games to remain eligible for Clairemont Surf select season.

CGFP Board will provide a list of interested players to Board approved Clairemont Surf managers on 11/18/2019. Those managers will form their own team from players on the interested list and/or with players they have contacted directly. The CGFP Board will not interfere with the way a manager makes up their team or manages their games/practices outside of reported Code of Conduct violations.

All alleged Code of Conduct violations should be sent to the Vice President of CGFP via email as they occur so that a solution may be implemented.

We are no longer accepting responses to the Interest Letter. If your daughter is interested in playing on a Clairemont Surf team, please reach out to the player rep for that division and he/she can pass along the Managers contact information.

Manager Responsibilities

The Clairemont Surf manager will be responsible for coordinating team selection, overall team management, tournament registration, uniform ordering and correspondence with his/her team and the CGFP Board as well as collection of all fees for the above.  All fees/costs for this select season will be collected from the players by the manager and it is his/her responsibility to ensure those fees are used entirely for their Clairemont Surf team.

They will need to make sure their team is always following the CGFP Code of Conduct and representing the league in a favorable and sportsmanlike manner.  They will also be required to make sure their players are also attending their Spring/Rec practices and games. Failure to satisfy any of the above requirements can result in disqualification from future managing opportunities.

Assistance from Clairemont Girls Fastpitch

CGFP will support Clairemont Surf teams at all times possible. The League will provide field space for practices and games,  catcher's equipment when needed, USA Softball player and manager/coach registration (up to 1 manager and 3 coaches), and insurance for all activities. Clairemont Surf teams can only practice 1 day a week. The season begins January 1, 2020 and ends March 31, 2020.  All friendlies must be submitted to the CGFP President prior to game date for approval by USA Softball via email. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please make sure you allow ample time for responses from the CGFP President and USA Softball.

The CGFP Board will provide contact information for Adrenaline Sports who will be producing the uniform for all Clairemont Surf teams. This uniform is to be worn at all tournaments. There are no deviations from this Board approved uniform. Surf managers are required to size, order and pay for the approved uniform by collecting fees from their players. Please allow ample time to place your order and receive your uniforms before your first registered tournament.

If at anytime the CGFP Board feels that a Clairemont Surf team is not representing CGFP appropriately or meeting its requirements stated above, Clairemont Girls Fastpitch reserves the right to disband the team. Any misconduct can jeopardize the manager, coach and player's future membership with CGFP.


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