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Apr, 2022

What is a Division Representative Director?

What is a Division Representative Director (aka Rep)?

A Rep for CGFP holds a voting position on the administrative part of the Board. Each Rep is assigned a division and they serve in that position from August 1st through July 31st. 

(See Article 5, Section 5.1-5.1.2 on page 9 of the CGFP Bylaws.)


What does a Rep do?

A Rep for CGFP handles all administrative and operational matters pertaining to the division they are elected to. This includes

 - Conducting the spring/rec player assessments

 - Attending the fall/spring draft for their division

 - Assist the Player Agent with any issues arising in their division throughout their term

 -  Handle all complaints, problems, and other issues within their division in accordance with abilities and league’s Bylaws.

 - Serve on the Coaching and Training Committee which plans, promotes and carry’s out the USA Softball Coaching Clinic as well as Player clinics held throughout the spring/rec season. 

(See Article 7, Section 7.1-7.1.5 on page 16 of the CGFP Bylaws and Article 8, Section 8.3-8.3.5 on page 17/18 of the CGFP Bylaws.)


What is the time commitment for a Rep?

The Rep position is a full term starting August 1st and ending on July 31st of the following year. As a voting member, your attendance at monthly board meetings is required (to the best of your ability)to meet quorum. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month (except December) at 6:00pm in person at Clairemont Covenant Church off Mt. Ararat. The busiest times for this position begin in January and last through February with a lull starting in May. You may have intermittent times of more activity throughout your term outside of what is outlined above. You are also required to assist with planning, promoting and setting up/tearing down of Opening Ceremonies, 100 Inning Games, Family Movie Night and Closing Ceremonies.


Conflicts of Interest

A Rep may not hold the position in a division where their daughter(s) will be registered for the 2022-2023 term. For example, you may not be a 10U Division Rep if your daughter will be in 10U for Fall 2022 or Spring 2023.


If you are interested in nominating yourself for a Rep position, please do ONE of the following:


  1. Email Ana Becker, Secretary at [email protected] and let her know which division you would like to be nominated for.



  1. Sign up on the form hung on the back of the Snack Bar door (accessible every time the Snack Bar is open)

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